Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tweens & Teens: Too Sexy, Too Soon

These days, tweens are growing up faster and dressing more provocatively than ever before. Is today's society and the parents of today's youth too accepting of this trend?

With that question being a constant in the day to day growing world of social media, I first want to say that while no I am not a parent, that does not prevent me from recognizing the problems arising in today's youth. Now that I have made that clear, I will say that yes parents are far too accepting of this growing trend of provocative dress and they need to be more active and up to date on what their kids are doing and watching on television. When these tweens have people like Miley Cyrus to look up to and want to emulate, it is the parents responsibility to make sure they know what their kids are wearing. Let's face it the majority of youth today are not out working yet, so they are getting an allowance from their guardians. It's simple when they come home after spending your money, pretend it's like Halloween and you're inspecting the candy...look at their purchased clothing and if it is too risque then you return it and find something more suitable. It's called taking an active role in your child's life!

The problem today is the majority of these kids do not have proper relationships with their parents; they see them as friends more so than parents. They call their parents by their first name, and it's disrespectful and some adults do not correct them and say 'I am your mother/father, call me mom/dad.' Another issue in play these days is the parents standing firm on not wanting the schools to be too active over their children. However, if the parents won't do their job then where are these kids going to get guidance from? They are obsessed with people that are famous for no reason (ie - The Jersey Shore cast) and yet parents allow them to watch this mindless and frankly irresponsible programming.

Where is the adult supervision anymore... and what happened to proper parent/child relations and simply letting children be children. Today you see parents posting videos on youtube of their child misbehaving telling them that their punishment for acting out will be strangers on the internet watching the video. Also those parents that are subjecting their 4-year-old kids to hair extensions and lip gloss and high heels for beauty pageant competitions. They themselves are making their offspring look like adult women, and so who is to blame really when these kids end up in trouble? They are forced to grow up way too fast and it shows in their personalities and lack of respect for authoritative figures (ie - school officials, police, etc.) The parenting and responsibility of today's adults over their kids is severely lacking and it is for this reason we are seeing increases in teen pregnancies, STD transmission in schools, and physical violence. All of this derived from youth's obsession to be the next 'Jersey Shore' fame? Doesn't seem worth it to me...

I could go on forever, I'll stop here though and get working on my next piece. My final thought: parents need to open their eyes and pay attention to their children and use those parental controls and regulate the amount of time their children spend in front of a television or a computer! They need to open up a dialogue with their kids, know who their friends are and a basis of what they talk about together. It's time to remind them that they are... just kids!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gay Rights: Fighting For What's Right

Welcome back to DishThis!, a place where as always...ANYTHING goes.

This installment will be strictly focused on the recent overturning of Maine's same-sex marriage law this week. A crushing blow to gay rights activists and all that support our cause, but it is by no means slowing us down from moving forward and continuing our fight for equality.

'Stand For Marriage Maine' is the leading organization fighting the legalization of same-sex marriage via their support of 'Yes on 1'. Spokeswoman Mary Conroy said "I feel overjoyed for the family and the people of Maine" in reaction to the official announcement that their so called "cause" had in fact been triumphant. The majority of their arguments throughout their campaigning were concerns that children would begin learning about gay marriage and relationships in the education system. Conroy went as far as to say that should Maine's youth begin to read stories with same-sex themes in schools, it would encourage teenagers to experiment with their sexuality, with an increased possible outcome of homosexual marriage becoming a widespread reality.

Is it just me, or is this utterly ridiculous? First of all, it is disgusting that anyone would feel content and proud just moments after crushing the dreams of an entire community. You and your organization raised about what, 2.5 million dollars give or take, and for what? To simply take away the rights of your fellow neighbors, and quite possibly your closeted friends who don't want you to 86 them from your life. You're absolutely right, you should be proud to have raised such an immense amount of money for such a worthy cause. I mean it's not like we have to worry about raising money for researching Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Autism, Alzheimer's or any of the other types of illnesses and disorders out there!

Mary Conroy went on to say that the 'Stand For Marriage' supporters are ordinary people with families, and that lesbians and gays have already won anti-discrimination laws and that we should "leave marriage alone."

Seriously, are you really telling us not only what to do but how we should feel? As if laws put in place to simply protect us from being judged on who we are is some sort of consolation prize! We are just like everyone else, when are you and the rest of the narrow-minded hatemongers going to realize that what we do in our private lives has NOTHING whatsoever to do with you or your children!!! You claim that if homosexuals have the right to marry, it will somehow destroy the family unit and create some type of wave of sexual experimentation in teenagers? Hey newsflash, being a teenager has always been about experimenting! Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, sex (gay, straight, bisexual), the list goes on with what people do at that age. It's called getting to know yourself inside and out, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Clearly you'd prefer that we have today's youth and future generations live life as a type of 'Stepford' community where everything is uniform and nobody differentiates from what you consider to be the "norm" of society. Sorry but this is not going to happen, we aren't going anywhere and we most definitely have no intention on settling for anything less than what is rightfully ours.

I say to you Mary Conroy and to all those just like you, to leave us alone and allow us to live a life of freedom just as you can. Stop spreading hatred in a world that already has an abundance of it, and start spreading a message of love instead. Love and equality is worth more in the end and will be respected, whereas hate has no place and will be stomped into the ground!


Friday, September 4, 2009

"Halloween II" (2009) Review - Seriously?...

Okay so ‘Halloween’ came a bit early this year, as it usually does when Michael Myers makes an appearance in our lives. Oh where to begin, there is just so much to say. First I would like to be courteous and warn readers that this write up will indeed contain plot points, so with that said read at your own risk.

Like most die-hard fans of the John Carpenter series, when news initially broke that Rob Zombie was going to take on the reboot back in 2007 I was highly skeptical as to what would become of the iconic legacy that is Michael Audrey Myers. However, much to my surprise for the most part I was content with his take on the classic story. I personally enjoyed the childhood years we got to see on screen; however I did not like that Zombie tried to give an explanation for Michael’s madness by showcasing that he came from a broken home. In the end it took away from the mystery behind what we were always meant to believe drove his madness…evil. Pushing that aside though Rob Zombie kept the elements of the original film, while adding his own little tidbits here and there which is why I think overall the film was a success. It catered to both new audiences and life-long followers too.

Skip ahead to the present, I wish the same could be said for the recently released “Halloween II.” Rob Zombie returns to continue what he started, however unfortunately I was quite distressed to see just how completely the character of Michael Myers was altered. (I will touch on this shortly…) I am all for new directions and trying new things, but when it comes to an iconic character such as himself there are certain things you just do not change! The film opened much like the original sequel did (or so we think), taking place the same night as the previous film ended. However, after the initial 15 to 20 minutes taking place in the hospital, we discover it all to be a dream inside Laurie’s head. The audience is forced to question whether it really was just a dream or if the dream was of an event that did occur the night she shot him. Depending on how you look at it, as individuals we can pretty much make our own choice in back story to whatever fits better plot wise in our minds.

As the story picks up, we are reintroduced to the characters who survived the previous installment, as well as meeting the newbies (who you know from the moment they hit the screen are simply there as time fillers and a few extra kill scenes.) In terms of character development, one of the things I felt was strongest with this film was the swap in characteristics between Annie and Laurie. Previously, Annie was the party girl who would sneak out to be with her boyfriend when she should be babysitting, while Laurie was always the good girl who obeyed her parents and did not act out. This time around, you’ve got Annie taking charge of caring for Laurie and the hardships she’s had to endure over the last year, while Laurie has become more like Annie used to be; going out to party and not really taking anything seriously. I did feel this worked and was a change that did not take away from what could have been with this film. Unfortunately, I have to say the character of Dr. Samuel Loomis was completely butchered in this film. Zombie took the only other nemesis Michael Myers ever had and turned him into an egocentric money grubbing son of a bitch! Yes, it’s sadly the way of the world today that people will cash in on others misery and their pain, but there was absolutely no point in Dr. Loomis being in this movie. The one thing that all true “Halloween” fans salivate over is the inevitable confrontation between Loomis and Myers…which in my opinion never came this time around. They shared screen time for maybe 5 minutes, and those few moments left much to be desired. Think of it in terms of the point of being completely sexually aroused (the point of no return if you will), then imagine being completely let down…no pill is going to get that rocket launched! Those of you, who have seen the film, know exactly what I am talking about. This finally brings me to Michael Myers himself, who more than anything appears to be a hobo rather than ‘The Shape’ we are all accustomed to and love. “Halloween II” portrays Michael as being more human than we have ever seen him before. He is angry but not as he used to be, this time when he kills you can hear him grunt as he slashes his knife or stomps on someone’s face or even as he bursts through a door. I sat there in the theater watching this and thought to myself, “Okay who is this copycat and where is the real Michael Myers?” Zombie strayed a bit too far for my taste when it came to Myers; this time around he was definitely not “The Shape.”

It’s time I touch on the subplot going on in Michael’s psyche in which he has visions of his dead mother and a white horse (apparently a story which was told to him as a child). I wish I could tell you there was not much screen time devoted to this but alas I would be lying. Sheri Moon Zombie reprises her role as Deborah Myers (Michael’s mother of course), but this time around she is a ghost-like entity. Yes, you read that correctly “Halloween II” has a bit of a ghost story going on as well. Throughout the film Michael continues to see her and all she says is “It’s time to bring us home Michael.” More or less bating him to return to Haddonfield and claim his birthright and baby sister, in hopes of becoming a family again. The end scene I must say was rather weak and slightly confusing. You have a shack in the middle of nowhere with Michael and Laurie inside and the entire police force surrounding them. Loomis enters and attempts to save Laurie, however she is screaming “He is holding me down, I can’t move.” Loomis sees nothing of course, while we the audience and Laurie herself see a young Michael Myers holding her to the ground as her birth mother watches. The entire scene raised the question of what was real and what wasn’t. Why was Laurie also seeing her dead mother and young Michael? This reviewer believes it to be the moment in which her mind was actually fragmenting to the point of complete annihilation of who she once was. Based on the ending, it seems to be a plausible statement to make.

The film will of course find an audience, however I feel this installment is more for the newer audiences who may not be familiar with the original series as some of us are. With the already announced Halloween 3-D due out summer 2010…I have to say I am curious as to what could happen next. I am satisfied that Rob Zombie will not be returning though. Again, I am all for new directions and so forth, but there are some things you just cannot disregard when it comes to a classic. For all of his efforts, Zombie did a decent job back in 2007, but this time around there were just too many classic key elements missing. It just did not feel like a “Halloween” film. I mean hello out of the entire runtime, I think they only played John Carpenter’s score once or twice. Even with everything else that was somehow overlooked, how can you completely disregard those eerie sounds that make you grip your seat and wonder where and when and how “The Shape” will strike next?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watching the Paint Dry

Okay readers welcome back to DishThis!...first I have to give a shout to a friend who inspired me with the title of this entry (you know who you are 'Griffin') LOL - Thanks babe, I love it!

So the rents have a great deal of work being done on the house, initial stage being the painting. First of all, while I am thrilled they're doing this, I do have a life and it's summer. I don't understand why I am the one who has to sit at home with these people and 'watch the paint dry', hello I'm not the only person living in this house! Last week alone I had to cancel my plans every single time. Let's not even talk about this week... What makes my life so much less important than everyone else'? I feel trapped here, which would be fine if there was some eye candy to stare at while they paint. (Please refer to the picture at the top...why isn't that the type who is here remodeling the house?) Hell if it were, I'd tell the other live-in members of the house to take their time and stay gone! haha The house to myself in the summer with sizzling painters doing their brush strokes, sounds great to me. ;) However, that's not the case here. Very nice people of course, but not the type you'd stare at for hours or offer lemonade and iced tea and chat it up with. Such a shame, because that would be kind of fun.

As for the season as a whole, more or less it's been uneventful and yet I've enjoyed the changes in my life. Also interesting thing I realized, is that I pretty much have spent most of the summer on the roof of my house than inside the actual house. LOL - It's my favorite place now, especially to tan! I think to myself that if I could lay out nude up there I would...but then I remember the bathing suits I wear when I get some rays are pretty short. I hate tan lines!...(on me anyway LOL) Besides, I have to keep some things to myself and away from the neighbors! Right? ;)

Okay so that's it for this little tidbit, more stories will be posted soon. So stay tuned! And thanks again to my buddy 'Griffin' for the blog title. Talk to you shortly babe.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JohnnyBoy Is Making A Comeback!!!!

Hey DishThis! readers! I know it's been a while since I've written about my life, and I am sorry for that, but the time has come to get my thoughts and anecdotes out there again. As you can see in the title, I'm well underway at a comeback...not quite there yet, but soon! That being said, let's just jump right in shall we...

Just in case some of you are not aware, I was laid off back in January (I know just like the rest of this country), and have been seeking work ever since. I've heard everything from "we're not hiring right now" to "your resume is great, however we feel that you're over-qualified" to "you have great potential, however we are looking for someone with a minimum of 5 years experience." Seriously!!!!????!!!! For god's sakes what is a person in their 20's supposed to do at this point, right? Well for me after six months of the same thing, I've decided to do what I do best...which is write! Is it going to pay the bills? No, of course not. Will I have the support and understanding of the family? Chances are probably not! However, in the end I've got to do what is best for me and nobody else. It seems pretty simple and logical, but having the guts to go through with it takes a great deal of courage, and unfortunately not many people ever get to achieve that. So like they say on BRAVO TV, 'Watch What Happens!'

Moving On...

Recently I've done a major 'cleansing' of the people in my life. It has been a long time coming, however it had to be done. As individuals, it is inevitable that we grow and mature as we continue to experience more things in this life. Sadly, there are those people that just seem to remain stagnant and never learn or ascend into a new state of being. Essentially they do not offer anything to your life and who you are or will become in the future. More specifically, it was the unnecessary drama that led to the cleansing of a portion of my social contacts. Life is way too short to deal with back-talk and the 'he-said-she-said' crap!!! Seriously people, if you've got issues with others then just be upfront about it to their face and settle it. There's no need for gossip or malicious behavior; especially after the age of 18 (and that's pushing it)! Everyone talks about people behind their backs, and that's okay...ONLY if what you say about the person of discussion while they are not present, isn't anything you wouldn't say directly to their face. Trust me, it makes for better friendships in the long run! BE HONEST!!! Thus far after the 'cleansing', I don't think much of them nor miss any of the repetitive conversations. Makes for a better me. :)

Moving On...

Speaking of a better me, I have never felt better about my body or mind than I do right now! Have I ever had a weight problem, no not exactly. However, like most people there are those random moments in your life where you can afford to drop a few pounds. It was a mere 2 months ago that I woke up one day and decided "I was going to change my life." And I did exactly that. I stopped my 'bad' eating habits; which more or less was just me not eating on a normal schedule. It wasn't rare for me to eat at odd hours of the day and night. With just a few slight alterations, I've got more energy now than ever before, and all I did was start eating on a normal schedule. I've been doing yoga for years now, however I am nowhere near being a master at it. All in time though. I also increased my reading materials; basically will read anything and just learn whatever I can. Between the yoga, the reading, the foods, I am a whole new person. I must admit that I did recently read 'The Secret', and to those of you who scoff at the whole New Age way of thinking or living...they are just words. It is YOU the individual who makes it reality. If yoga and New Age is not for you, then simply look deep into yourself and discover what it is you want and NEVER give up on it. I haven't, and even though I may be unemployed currently and not where I'd like to be in terms of career... I don't let it bring me down. Look at the world and laugh your ass off, because that is what is missing...the laughter!

Moving On...

Another thing I tend to laugh at lately are these so called 'men' out there. Oh my god are these people for real; I don't know what was worse being on a date where the guy asked me about 30 minutes in how big my dick was or this other guy I went on a date with who I discovered was actually married! You've got to be kidding me with this shit. First of all never ask what I'm packing; especially on a first date because bottom line there's nothing in there for you that night anyway okay...and as for you closeted married men, well I feel for you but don't think all of us out and proud guys are willing to get your rocks off. What happened to the decent gay guys who aren't still looking for a quick fuck? I'm all for some fun but c'mon at least be able to hold a decent conversation people; please! That's all I ask at this point. Currently, we've got a trio of guys who quite possibly have we'll feel it out and see what they're all about. All are new to my canvas, so keeping my options open. This juggling thing is new to me, but you know what I'm single so why the hell not. Stay Tuned...

Okay readers on that note, it's time to go and work it yoga style! Be sure to come back within a couple of days for a special 'exposed' entry that will Dish 100% on all the crazy and random adventures that I've experienced over the last couple of months. Nothing will be left out; you get the good bad ugly and downright embarrassing. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Nothing but love to my DishThis! readers. XoXo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Horror Reviews Are In - Part IV

Entry number four of my horror review series is finally ready! This time around I've got individual reviews of the "Underworld" trilogy, and reviews of the "Vacancy" series. These reviews are strictly meant to give a brief recap of my own personal thoughts on what did or did not work in the film. Fans of vampire and werewolf lore and home invasion are sure to have their cravings met with these additions into the horror genre. Readers beware, for the full moon is rising... DishThis!

I remember seeing this film opening weekend back in 2003, and even six years later I am just as satisfied as I was after that initial viewing. The "Underworld" franchise depicts a centuries long feud between a coven of vampires and the ravenous Lycans. With this film taking place in present day amongst a Gothic type metropolis, the atmosphere is absolutely perfect given the storyline. Combined with stunning visual effects and a stellar cast rounding out its core characters, part one is a guaranteed winner! Len Wiseman takes the helm as director, writer, and producer all while making it a family affair by casting his gorgeous and talented wife Kate Beckinsale as Selene. The first of what later on spawned into a trilogy, the "Underworld" series has taken two of folklore's most mystifying creatures and given them a whole new back story and brought to life a world that makes you wonder what is and what could be. Definitely a film to watch and add to any collection, and be sure to check out the sequel and the recently released prequel to round out the story. Enjoy!!!

Okay so just like the first installment to the franchise, I remember seeing this one opening weekend too. Three years later, and I am still just as into it now as I was then. While "Underworld: Evolution" is a direct sequel to it's predecessor, the film initially opens in the year 1202 A.D. to give the audience a brief background on the varied connections between the two bloodlines and another rift that sent them down centuries of death and destruction. After the prologue, we pick up with Vampire Selene, and her Lycan/Vampire Hybrid lover whom are now on the run after taking down the Vampire Elder Viktor. Once again you've got Len Wiseman at the helm on all counts and presents the fans with another stellar film. This time around however, we're taken on a ride that uncovers a secret lineage that once again intertwines the bloodlines of the vampires and lycans. For die-hard fans of the series, this too is definitely one to add to your collection. Also be sure to check out the recently released prequel to round out the trilogy. Enjoy the show!

Finally the prequel we've been waiting for to round out the "Underworld" trilogy. Unlike the first two films, this one I was not able to catch in theaters so yesterday when it was released I was able to rent it via netflix of course. Now I know this installment has gotten a variety of mixed reviews from fans. The most common I have come across is that people felt as if there was no need for a prequel, or at least not the story they depicted in 'Rise of the Lycans.' I'll have to disagree with this, because even though we learned of the story between Lucian and Sonja in the original, there is a completely different take on it when you see it first hand on screen. Could they have done a prequel following a different storyline, perhaps at an even earlier time than this took place in? Of course, but all in all Len Wiseman once again delivers, but this time is solely acting as the producer, while he gives up the director's chair to Patrick Tatopoulos. Just as visually satisfying as the first two, I have to say the finale scene takes the cake here. The ending rounds out the series perfectly, and brings us directly up to the beginning of the original film. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, make it a movie night and watch the trilogy one after the other. Enjoy the films!

Here you have a semi-reversal of the classic home invasion genre, only this time shown through the events at a cheap motel rather than a private residence. With the acting talents of Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, you are sure to enjoy the characters they portray regardless of the mayhem they encounter on their journey. The film itself has a completely voyeuristic feel to it what with the immense camera lenses watching them, and wreaks of Norman Bates. What I found particularly satisfying was the social commentary depicted when the deranged serial killers use their murderous videos as a marketing tool to bring in money. Without spoiling it, I will say the ending of this film could have two possible outcomes; which is something I both love and hate. This is definitely a film to watch and add into your collection if you're a fan of the home invasion genre. Enjoy!

Here we have the prequel to the 2007 film in which we are shown the beginning of how the motel came to be a place of murder and mayhem. That aspect of it I actually felt was very well done, and quite interesting to see that they were originally just perverted peepers and not serial killers. The murder videos came about when they accidentally witnessed a man check in with a prostitute and slash her to death. However, at the same time I found it highly unlikely that even peeping toms would out of the blue decide to video tape people dying and sell them to clients. With a younger cast of relatively unknown actors, the performances came off well to keep us interested. Unfortunately, I have to say that the film fails to provide continuity for the series and skews the timeline to the point where you don't know who and how certain people came to run the motel. As a prequel its purpose is to present us with answers and not to create more than we had originally. This one is worth a watch, but I'd say it is one to be left out of the collection. Enjoy it!

There you have it everyone, part four has come to an end but don't get your sick and twisted minds into a psychotic frenzy... Part five is already in the works! Wishing all of you a terrifyingly killer weekend, and be sure to get yourself out to the movies this summer for a slew of carnage to rip through the screens. Enjoy fear-seekers, DishThis!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Horror Reviews Are In - Part III

The third entry to the horror review series has arrived! This time with an even more well-rounded group of films from the genre. As seen previously, each review is meant to give every one of you a brief detailed opinion on what to expect before popping in that DVD. Touching upon films from decades past and even the present, there is surely something for everybody. So let's get to the DISH, shall we...

The third installment to the franchise proves to be better than part two, however fails to surpass the greatness of the original. 'Revelations' brought an interesting twist to the trilogy by not simply having events altered due to the jumping back and forth into the past and present, but actually showcased the terror that can be created by altering fate and destiny. The on screen performances were strong enough in their intensity that the audience begins to truly care for each character. Which makes it that much more disturbing to us when we see that specific character eventually become the serial killer's next victim. The only thing I will mention as a slight negative is that as you witness each of the film's characters die off, it becomes clear who the killer is based on their only connection to the victims. However, don't let this discourage you from viewing the film as it only becomes clear to you about one minute before the killer's mask is revealed. While this is a standalone film as the second one was, the initial film is a must to simply give you the backstory on what the 'Butterfly Effect' is. Enjoy the film.

I'd have to say that this film really did not leave me with too much to think about, which in my opinion means it did not do its job. My feeling is that if a film doesn't intrigue you enough to continue thinking about it and asking questions, then something is missing. "Dying Breed" is essentially a combination of 'Wrong Turn' and 'The Hills Have Eyes', with a minor addition of the back story surrounding the Tasmania lands. Visually I was content but not blown away, everything just seemed way too unoriginal. Before I even began to view the film, I was curious as to why there was a martini glass as the box art. Now that I have seen the film, I still have no answer to that but I guess it's my own personal preference that the cover art be somehow directly related to the film. While most of this review does seem to be more negative than positive, I'd still say to check it out if your taste lies with cannibalism and survival of the fittest themes. Enjoy...

Before I jump into this mostly negative review, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of Sam and Ted Raimi and I was surprised at my distaste for anything they are a part of. Anyway with that said, here it goes...
Okay so here we have another horror film from the 80's that like most of them doesn't really stand out too much amongst the others. However, I was shocked and quite intrigued that there was zero nudity in the film. The 1980's was a decade where nudity in horror films was rampant so it was refreshing to see a complete lack of it. Sadly to say even with that, there is just a lack of execution done overall. While I prefer sometimes to use my mind to create a scene, in this movie the death scenes were quite gory and it was all visually right there for you. With a few interesting characteristics displayed by the killer and a couple of one-liners he spits out, I felt myself wondering as to how much longer until the credits roll. Never a good sign! I found it unrealistic that the 'survivor girl' simply goes about her duties while shutting down the store and doesn't notice that all of her co-workers are missing. The ending was quite ridiculous in terms of the police that arrive on the scene, and their characters were written very much in the same manner as those seen at the finale of the 1982 film "The Dorm That Dripped Blood." My final thought would have to be that while the idea is quite good and setting was certainly perfect for a crazed killer to prey on victims, the execution failed. Check it out, but don't go in expecting much.

Here we have an interesting take on the creature-feature genre combined with the traditional good characters vs. bad characters who have to band together to survive. The film had a slight similarity to 'Tremors 2' in regards to the methods in which the creatures hunt, however other than that this creature was quite fresh I must say. Strong on screen performances were delivered, especially Jill Wagner's portrayal of heroine Polly Watt. Wonderfully executed from start to finish, however there are some instances where your mind may wander off. It is for this reason that I'd say to definitely check out the film since it is a unique take on the popular creature-feature. However, for me it is not something I'd add to my collection or watch a second time. We've all had splinters before and know how they feel, however nothing will prepare you for the splinting pain you're going to see in this film. Enjoy!!!

Okay so here we have another remake attempt by the American film market, but this time it is of a South Korean movie from 2003 titled "A Tale of Two Sisters." Fast forward to 2009 in which its U.S. adaptation is known as "The Uninvited", displays the talents of well-known actress Elizabeth Banks and up-and-coming actress Emily Browning. The on screen performances were strong on all counts, and even the story kept me going throughout the films duration. However, while all of those things were very well done I am sad to say that the finale of the film is predictable and is nothing we haven't seen before. I found myself remembering such amazing hits as "The Sixth Sense", which was phenomenal. And if you haven't seen that one I recommend you do so before seeing this film or any other!!! :) In terms of the film style, it was visually satisfying with some interesting color schemes and angles. It's worth checking out and appreciating for what it does accomplish. Enjoy!!!

This brings us to the conclusion of part three of the DishThis! horror marathon. The next installment is well under way and I hope all you genre fans will keep your eyes peeled as the next few months have a great deal in store. Until then, let the fear consume you but always remember to check your back seat before getting into the car and NEVER let your guard down!